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ZAP (limited)

Made with soft textile surface and flat stitched edge, ZAP provides the excellent smooth, tracking and accuracy. The rubber base ensures zero slip during intense games.

FROST (limited)

Frost is an ideal mouse pad for FPS games. The optimized size and consistent surface enhances the performance. The gaming exclusive flat stitched edge for durable usage. Natural rubber base avoids mousepad moving around during the intense gaming.

TORNADO (limited)

TORNADO is an extra large cloth gaming mouse pad performing well in control & speed. It is made with textile surface, flat stitched edge and non-slip rubber base.

LIGHTNING (limited)

LIGHTNING is a hard gaming mouse pad performing well in speed. It is designed with splash proof, consistent surface, non-slip rubber base and gorgeous patterns.

METEOR (limited)

Meteor is an RGB cloth gaming mouse pad. It is made with soft textile surface and portable material. The ultra anti-Slip™ natural rubber keeps the mouse pad stable.


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