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New Headset with Switch Color: Spower

April 2022, Shenzhen, China //Sades, a global gaming brand known best for their optimal cost-to-performance gaming peripherals, released its new wireless headset Spower, which features with stylish appearance and great performance.

It's crafted with the vibrant Switch color, which makes vivid and eye-catching. On top of the appearance, it’s also coming with high sound quality, professional comfort and great convenience.

The 40mm speaker has high sensitivity, letting you receive any voice of your teammate and any detail of sound in the game, as well as providing immersive gaming experience. The silicone mic tube can be adjusted flexibly to pick up your voice clearly to communicate with your teammate accurately and synchronously.

The ear cups can be rotated within 90 degree and adjusted for an ergonomically optimized fit. With the comfortable earmuff and light weight 240g, it can provide you all day comfort, preventing pressure build-up in long time wear.

The great convenience comes from its foldable ear cups, detachable mic and light weight, which makes it perfect for easy storage and on-the-go.

Good gaming headsets can remove the distractions game and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Spower is this kind of headset. It will be an excellent and fashionable teammate of your game.

To learn more about Runner, please visit can also follow the brand on social media: @SadesEsports for gaming content and fun surprises!

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