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Back You Up: Sades Cetus Gaming Chair

When it comes to gaming chairs, gamers expect great ergonomic design ,high comfort, and long durability . Sades Cetus is designed to meet all your expectation of gaming chair.


Cetus prioritizes ergonomics. Its backrest wraps could be easily adjusted from 90 to 135 degrees. The 4D armrest could be freely adjusted to four directions and rotate at ±20°. When flipping up the left handle of frog mechanism, the chair will rock back and forth from 0 to 17 degrees, delivering a delightful experience.


Cetus provides a high level of comfort for long-hours of gaming. It presents a visual feast of leather materials by skillfully using vintage leather as the “body and tail” and blue PU leather as “bones”.  The backrest wraps you comfortably.Its slant lumbar cushion is especially designed to flat shape with larger dimension, which offers good support and cozy experience no matter if you’re sitting or lying. Additionally, the height of the chair seat, the angle of the backrest, the tile angle and height of two armrests could all be smoothly adjusted.


With its sturdy structure and premium components, it delivers long durability, which supports users up to 160kg. Equipped with durable and noiseless wheels,  you could move freely and smoothly while sitting.


Apart from the ergonomics and comfort, Cetus also features with unique aesthetics.As the Cetus “body” on the backrest and “tail” on the seat are connected harmoniously, the whole chair seems like a leaping Cetus that is eager to join in the upcoming fight.

Despite all this great features, Cetus is quick and easy to assemble as it comes with handy components plus a comprehensive manual which ensures that putting the chair together won’t even take an hour.


Combining excellent support and distinctive appearance , the Cetus is a charming piece to back you up in the gaming world .To learn more about Cetus, please visit You can also follow the brand on social media: @SadesEsports for gaming content and fun surprises!

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