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LOL World Champion 2017 will be held in China

    Riot announced the time and place of LOL MSI and World Champion 2017 yesterday.

    MSI will take place in Brazil (28/04/2017-21/05/2017) and World Champion will be held in China(23/09/2017-04/11/2017).


LOL World Champion 2017 Schedule:

·Group Stage:

Place: Gymnasium of Wuhan Sports Center


1)Qualification Match: 23/09/2017-29/09/2017

2)Group Stage: 05/10/2017-25/10/2017

·Quarter Finals:

Place: Guangzhou Gymnasium

Time: 19/10/2017-22/10/2017

·Semi Finals:

Place: Shanghai Oriental Sport Center

Time: 28/10/2017-29/10/2017


Place: Beijing National Studio

Time: 04/11/2017

(Remarks: Information and photo are from Internet)

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