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SADES Sponsored UniPin FREE FIRE Cyber Royale 2022

UniPin is holding the tournament UniPin Free Fire Cyber Royale 2022!

In this tournament, participants will compete for a total prize of IDR 15 million.

Sades is excited to have been able to sponsor this event and grow together with the gamers. 

The 8 teams from FFML Div 2 that will be invited to participate in this tournament are:
• Evos Immortal
• Dewa United
• MBR Epsilon
• RRQ Kazu
• Bigetron Rasengen
• Rans Esport
• Bonafide Esports
• First Raiders Storm

The regular season round has started on Apr 4 and will end with the play-off round on Apr 30.

All UniPin Free Fire Cyber Royale 2022 shows are online and can be watched on the UniPin YouTube channel. 

Hope all the teams will have wonderful performance.

Welcome to join this game with us!

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