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Get to Know Team SADES

Team SADES was called SAGP before, and we were delighted to get one year contract with them since March 1st, 2019. We both consider the cooperation is unprecedented and full of surprises. 


Let's take a look at their wonderful performance.

Ø Team SADES is led by coach Bolt, team leader JaeCarry, team member Lin, Arb1ter, Hubert, and Wick.

Ø Active in E-sports Player Unknow’s Battle Grounds (PUBG).

Ø Active service team 2019 PUBG.

Ø Regularly broadcast live on the Internet. 


What is more exciting is that Team SADES entered the top 16 in the Spring PUBG in March 2019. And they will join the Summer PUBG later in May to June, 2019 (PHASE 2) according to the official notice. We all wish them to get their best results.

Let’s wait and see. :)

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