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XPAX Grand Finals in Malaysia

Congratulations to the XPAX Grand Finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which had just finished on 26 & 27 April, 2019. There were 16 of the best teams from top Universities across Malaysia joined the battle. 

We SADES as one of the most famous esports brand in Malaysia even in the whole world, supported the fierce competition with a plenty of high value gaming gears, such as SADES headsets, keyboards, mice and gaming chairs.  

Even more wonderful was that everyone can get a chance to win a SADES Assault Professional Gaming Packpack by selfie with our mascot SADES Wolf and shared on Facebook. The luckiest young lady Nur Nada Nabilah got the prize!! 

During the competition, the gamers were so exciting to use SADES gaming gears to win the battle. Meanwhile, the XPAXKEK Live shot the whole scene synchronously, you can check the Live Video as follow and enjoy the very special moment again. :) 

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