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Team SADES is going to win PML 2019 Phase 2 Final

Congratulations to Team SADES entered the top 16 in the Spring PUBG in March 2019. And they will join the PML 2019 Phase 2 tonight (May 24th).

Lets go and follow their amazing performance at:



PS: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night there will be a live broadcast at 19:00pm in China Time Zone (UTC+8). 

The total prize for PML is 2,000,000 New Taiwan Currency (63,530 USD), and the first prize can get 800,000 New Taiwan Currency (25,410 USD) while the second prize can get 400,000 New Taiwan Currency (12,705 USD). Even more surprising is that the winners can representative TBD Area to join FACEIT Global Summit and compete with the best teams in the world for 400,000 USD, and get the PUBG Global Competition quota at the end of the year. 

We SADES and our cute fans are all sure that Team SADES is going to win PML 2019 Phase 2 Final. Wish them all the best wishes in the game!!

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