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Team SADES to Fight in PML Phase 3 Grand Finals

PML( PUBG Master League) Phase 3 finished its Regular Week4 on 6th October and will hold the grand Finals in NTU Sports Center from 25th to 27th this month. Totally 16 teams were selected to participate the Finals to fight for the chance that can enter 2019 PUBG Global Champion event in November.



Team SADES, as one of selected participant for Phase 3 Finals, has ranked top 5 with 6 points till now due to everyone’s hard working. “We keep our focus on the game when we’re on each match; Except that, we enjoy every moment of our personal time. See Hubert, the guy who’s a main player in our team, shows his talent on rap songs.” said by Team Sades.


SDS_JaeCarry: "我要打10個".

(Let me slay ten enemies. Holly shit! )

SDS_Hubert: "不再是直撞橫衝,賽德斯破釜沉舟"

(No messing up, be the winner Sades.)

SDS_ARB1TER: "不放手,直到冠軍到手".

(Don't be frustrated. Fight for the champion. )

SDS_XiB: "別人笑我太瘋癲".

(Other person laughed about my crazy)

SDS_JXXXA: "諸神黃昏,唯我獨尊”.

(Ragnarökr. I'm the King.)

Check out the whole participants of PML Phase 3 Grand Finals below.


Sades not only takes part in this event with Team SADES but also be an exclusive chair sponsor of PML. To give gamers different gaming experience, Sades got official authorization from Bluehole Inc. to produce a gaming-related furniture which will be pronounced next month. Stay tuned!

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