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After 3 days of sweat and tears in the PML Phase 3 Finals which ended on October 27, the winners of the fierce competition have been determined and will step up to join the final war in the PUBG Global Championship which will hold its Group Stage and Semifinals in OGN Super Arena (Manhattan), as well as Grand Finals in Oakland Arena (Oakland).

Here’s a brief review of what happened to Team Sades and the winners in the PML Phase 3 Finals.

Day 1 was a great day for Team SADES as they entered into the top5 under the lead of Carry in the first match.

Even after a series of slaying, Team Sades had only killed 13 and got 30 points in total, ranking them at 9th place. Team ZADAK and Team AHQ snatched the two top spots due to their amazing and consistent gaming performances.

On the second and third days, Team ZADAK and AHQ maintained their positions and ultimately won the PML Phase 3 Finals, owing to their strong kills and good team work spirit. The two teams will be representing HK, MACAO, and TAIWAN to join the PUBG Global Competition and compete with the best teams from all around the world.

Let’s applaud Team ZADAK and AHQ for their wonderful performances and wish Team SADES the best in the next tour!

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