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Beyond Gaming 2021 Spring

Yes – you read it right! This spring, we’re very excited to announce our newfound partnership with Beyond Gaming – a 2021-formed Taiwanese Professional LoL team consisting of seasoned players from across the country. Together, we will aim for the stars and support each other in advancing to the global stage, and if fate has it – even emerge as the world champions!

Sades truly believes in Beyond Gaming’s potential as each of their members have proven their skills and perseverance in the League of Legends pro scene. Dinter (Team Owner), Liang, PK, Husha, Husky, Doggo, Kino, TNS, and Benny (Team Coach) make for a nice combination of talents, and thus, we’re very positive about their performance on their upcoming tournaments in the future.

Oh and in case you didn’t know yet - they’re also competing in the second season of the Pacific Championship Series (PCS) with other Asian teams this year! Such a big challenge for the team’s first fight – but fingers crossed, they overcome this obstacle!

Sades, as the team’s gaming peripherals partner, proudly welcomes Beyond Gaming to the Wolfpack. As our brand’s mission is #growingtogetherwithgamers, we’re sure our road ahead with Beyond Gaming would be a fun-filled adventure!

To know more about Beyond Gaming, you can follow their fb page at

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