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Beyond Gaming Surprises

What a huge surprise indeed! Beyond Gaming, Sades’ newest Taiwanese partner LOL team displays a very fresh team-spirit on their first official tournament! This newly-formed team just ranked second on the Pacific Championship Series Spring Playoffs and also, currently ranks second on the Summer Playoffs which will be concluded on August 7.


Last Spring, Beyond Gaming defeated Machi Esports 3–1 and advanced to the semifinals match in the winners' bracket, against PSG Talon. After being swept by PSG Talon, Beyond Gaming faced off against Machi Esports once again, this time in the losers' bracket semifinals. Beyond Gaming won their rematch against Machi Esports after a close series, and advanced to their first PCS finals. Beyond Gaming was swept by PSG Talon again in the finals, and finished second overall in their inaugural split.


This summer, it seems that the same obstacle they need to overcome is once again, PSG Talon. After securing 4 consecutive wins, Beyond Gaming suffered a loss against them on their match last July 25. While it may be challenging to secure the first rank this series, BYG sustaining the second rank would be a good stepping stone to advance to this year’s World Championships!

With all this action going on, it is hard to believe that Beyond Gaming is just a newly formed team. Sades, as Beyond Gaming’s exclusive gaming chair sponsor, is looking forward to how high this team will go and expresses their support all the way!

To know more about Beyond Gaming, you can follow their fb page at

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