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e-Sport Sponsorship-TỒ GAMING 2020-2021

TỒ Gaming – (TG) is a Vietnamese E-Sports team established to professionally playing and compete in many eSport titles. This is a team that has a lot of achievements in VALORANT, Dota Auto Chess, and Team-fight Tactics.

Especially with Teamfight Tactics - TG Gaming owns themselves 6 ProPlayer rankings within Top 10 in Vietnam Server: TG Stillness (Top 1 Vietnam server), TG Green (Top 6), TG Ducanh 2K (Top 7)… The team has also earned themselves many high titles: Champions and Runner-up in TFT tournaments held at Vietnam Server.

Each TG's livestream attracts thousands of viewers & comments. Entering 2020-2021, TG's goal is to be the Champions in all big and small TFT tournaments and represent Vietnam to attend the World Championship.

Early this year, TG also acquired and started their development with one of the hostest eSport titles of all time – League of Legends.

From September 2020, TG has confirmed SADES as one of its main sponsors for upcoming quarters. As released, the time to process this sponsorship between SADES and TG has been negotiated within just 2 months as the two partners found their support and common thought from each other. SADES has entered the Vietnam market for a while and this is the time they start to focus on this promising and e-sport growing market.


According to Mr. Dame Deng – Sades Regional Oversea Business Manager: “We choose TG to sponsorship as we saw so much potential in the TG team, not only with their professional skills but also with their enthusiasm with e-sport. Besides, accompanying such a young and newly established team like TG is also better proven our brand mantra “Growing together with gamers”. We are delighted and looking forward to this cooperation with TG”.


SADES has about 18 years of R&D and manufacturing experience after producing the first headset in 2002. With the brilliant ability of R&D and innovation, SADES creates various gaming peripherals of specific characters to meet different demands of gamers, making them enjoy the fun of eSports. Sades products are varied from gaming chairs, gaming table to their flagship headsets, gaming keyboards as well as gaming mouses. They make sure the gaming peripherals become the extension of gamers’ experience.

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