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The 16th ChinaJoy 2018 concluded completely

The 16th ChinaJoy 2018 has taken place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from Aug 3rd to Aug 6th. It was a big event to cover gaming, anime, internet film and music, network literature, eSports, intelligent entertainment software/hardware and other business belonging to digital entertainment field, becoming the development indicator for the digital entertainment industry in China, even in the world.


This event broke the records in majority of aspects. The number of ChinaJoyBTOC exhibitors reached 300. The exhibitors number of ChinaJoyBTOB was more than 600, and 1 of the thirds exhibitors are from other 21 oversea countries. The total number of visitors in these 4 days reached 354,500. The single day participants number of Aug 4th reached 133,000, has broken the record of 121,000 people of last year.


The host and exhibitors provide the latest games, products, technology for the attendees to experience and play. Many specific topic activities were also held for the participants, such as ChinaJoy Coser Competition, ChinaJoy Cosplay Competition, ChinaJoy Dancing Ceremony, ChinaJoy Live Music Carnival, ChinaJoy eSports Competition and International Robot Carnival. The young people who are fond of gaming, anime, music, eSports and digital entertainment enjoyed a lot of fun there.

(Sources and photos are from Internet) 

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