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Kaisaya Community Cup in Philippines

Philippines, August 2020 -- Sades, one of the biggest mid-end gaming gear brand globally announces its support of the #KaisayaCommunityCup – an online tournament organized by Kaisaya, a leading shoutcaster, professional player and gaming influencer in the Philippines. Games will be held through October and will be livestreamed through Kaisaya’s channels.

The cup covers three mobile games: AOV, Marvel Super War and Mobile Legends. Organized to encourage the youth to stay indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic, the event will allow for good entertainment and promote esportsmanship and teamwork while at the safety and comfort of each gamer’s home.

‘We’re very happy to support Kaisaya as one of our partner influencers in the Philippines. The values she share with her audience and the gaming culture she promotes aligns well with our mission of growing together with gamers.’ says Dame Deng, Sades International Manager.

Tournament champions will get Assault bags, along with their prizes from the cup. Viewers will also get a chance to win exclusive Sades Merch such as sports caps and wristpads.

All this and more on Kaisaya’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Twitch channel. Stay safe everyone!

Update: the AOV tournament just concluded last week with Hertz.KFC emerging as the champion. Sades greets you a big congratulations for a job well done!

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